Launching 2022 EJTN and Catalogue of Members activities ( CM) that have a deadline for application in December 2021 and January 2022

Please see attached the following documents :

  1. Table containing information on EJTN and CM activities that have a deadline for application  in December 2021 (CM) and January 2022 ( EJTN and CM) ; a description of each activity, the dates of the activities and deadline for application, as well as EJTN contacts are mentioned therein ;  Click here
  2. EJTN Corporate Financial Policy ; Click here
  3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section ; Click here  
  4. Guide for hosting EJTN activities ; Clik here
  5. EJTN Fees of experts. Click here
  6. Activities presented are planned to take place face to face, with a few exceptions that will be held online – see indication in the ‘venue’ column ; we will keep you updated if the format of any of them changes.
  7. A number of activities are opened to Court Staff – see indication in the ‘target group’ column.
  8. The 1 hour lunchtime webinars project continues in 2022 and will be launched shortly. However you will find in the table, having the  ‘LW’ reference, the first activity planned to take place in January,  since such activities will see open registration on OSP in 2022 ( the events will be still taking place on ‘Teams’ , the link to Teams  being available on OSP for registered participants).