EJTN series of 1 hour lunchtime webinars continues .

2 webinars planned to take place in July , on 7th and 21st July respectively.

Please see below information about the webinars and open  link to register on OSP, and attached the webinars’  visuals :



Topic: Secondary migration to the EU- LW Banner 7 July 2022

Speaker: Holger Bohmann, Judge at the Federal Administrative Court of Germany and Vice President of AEAJ

Date: 7 July 2022, 13h-14h Brussels time

Portfolio: Administrative Law


Migration law cases reaching administrative judges can be divided into two categories: primary migration (by third country nationals entering the EU e.g. claiming for international protection or for work reasons) and secondary migration (right to entry and residence of third country nationals linked with residence of relatives, family members or movement between EU Members States). The legal basis for the latter can result from primary EU law (e.g. freedom of movement and Union citizenship, Art. 20, 21 TFEU), from secondary EU law (e.g. family reunification) or national law. The webinar will give an overview on the most relevant categories and legal instruments for secondary migration under Union law. In line with this relevant jurisprudence of the CJEU will be displayed and discussed.

Moderator: Evgenia Papadopoulou, Senior Judge, Administrative Court of Appeal, Tripoli-Greece

Main target group: Administrative Judges

Learning outcomes: 

By the end of this webinar participants to have a quicker access to cases of secondary migration by allocating them to the relevant legal instruments and procedures.

OSP link for registration (registered participants will receive MS Teams link to join the webinar):

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Topic: Sustainability and Law (in a civil perspective)- LW Banner 21 July 2022

Speaker: Alberto De Franceschi, Professor of Private Law, Intellectual Property Rights and Environmental Law at the Faculty of Economics and Management of the University of Ferrara

Date: 21 July 2022, 13h-14h Brussels time

Portfolio: Civil Law


The webinar will tackle such topic as the relationship between environmental sustainability and the traditional institutions of civil and commercial law (regulation of property law, contracts, civil liability and company law. The balance between property and environmental sustainability. eco-design of so-called “energy-related products” from the perspective of general contract law, consumer protection, competition law and civil liability).

Moderator: Marisaria Maugeri, Member of the Civil Sub-Working Group, Representative of the Italian School for Magistracy – SSM

Main target group: Civil judges and prosecutors

Learning outcomes: 

By the end of this webinar the participants will understand better the link between environmental sustainability and traditional institutions of civil law.

OSP link for registration (registered participants will receive MS Teams link to join the webinar):

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