UNICEF was founded more than seventy years ago to meet the critical needs of children whose lives had been torn apart by World War II. In fact, UNICEF’s very first supply shipment in August 1947 was for children in this country when it was part of Yugoslavia.

In 1993, UNICEF was one of the first two UN agencies to open an office in the country after it became an independent state. Initially providing emergency assistance to refugee children from the Bosnian crisis, our decades of collaboration during the country’s development and during times of crisis, has bought positive change to generations of children.
Now, together with our partners, UNICEF continues work to give every child a childhood, a future and a fair chance.

UNICEF’s priorities are the following areas: health and nutrition, child protection, education, social protection, monitoring of children’s rights, children in emergency situations and adolescents and young people.

UNICEF and the Academy started their cooperation in the very first day of the creation of the Academy and that cooperation continues to this day through the realization of educational events and provision of technical support to the work processes of the Academy.