Embassy of the Republic of France in North Macedonia

The Embassy of France with its presence in North Macedonia provides help and support in the reform process of our country’s judiciary, all with the aim of fulfilling the criteria for faster integration of the country into the European family. In that direction, the Embassy of France is always one of the key supporters of the work of the Academy, providing assistance in the implementation of programmes for continuous and initial education, through the implementation of trainings, study visits to the European Court of Human Rights, visits to the State Judicial Academy of the Republic France (ENM).

Namely, within the framework of this cooperation, the Academy has successfully established relations with the State Judicial Academy of the Republic of France – ENM, with which events of importance for judges and public prosecutors in North Macedonia are continuously realized. The most significant segment of the cooperation between the two Academies is the exchange of trainees from the initial training, that is, the realization of an internship at the Academy of North Macedonia by the trainees in the initial training of ENM.

At the same time, in cooperation with the French Institute in Skopje, the Academy enables a wider study of the French language by legal professionals in North Macedonia, so in that regard, for judges and public prosecutors, but also for the students of the initial training programme, the study of French language at beginner and advanced level is provided.