Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in North Macedonia

The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands makes an active contribution to the work of the Academy and the judiciary of the Republic of North Macedonia by participating in the realization of important, joint projects that will advance the knowledge of judges and public prosecutors in the Republic of North Macedonia, especially when it comes to the application of the European legislation.

Under the auspices of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the Academy established extremely successful relations with the Training and Study Centre for the Judiciary (SSR), with which joint activities are carried out that will advance the judiciary in North Macedonia and raise awareness of the rule of law in accordance with the highest European and international standards.

The Kingdom of the Netherlands and the SSR simultaneously provide support in the development of the institutional capacities of the Academy, which includes the development of the skills of the employees, as well as the representatives of the governing bodies of the Academy.

Within this cooperation, study visits and exchange of experiences between the two Academies are also provided, that is, legal professionals from North Macedonia have the opportunity to visit the key judicial institutions of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and vice versa.