2022 EJTN Calendar of training activities : French version, updates and March deadlines for application / Reminder EJTN Lunchtime webinars in March / RE-JUSTICE project : Agenda March seminar/ 3rd JUSTFREE seminar/ ISPCAN Congress -Tallinn (Demo)


Dear EJTN Members and Observers,

In relation to the following points :

  1. EJTN 2022 Calendar of activities – updates and French version of the launched publication; Download the Calendar on French language here
  1. Deadlines in March  for submitting lists of applicants for various EJTN activities ;
  1. Reminder EJTN 1 hour lunchtime webinars to be held in March; Misuses and False Friends(…)-17 March 2022Leadership and Communication Skills- 31 March 2022 and Racial minorities in context(…)-3 March 2022.
  2. Project RE-JUSTICE: Sustainable Training in a Challenging Field: Programme of the March seminar. Download here.
  3. 3rd JUSTFREE seminar : new dates and call for participants . Download the Agenda here.
  4. European ISPCAN Congress „Child Protection for the Most Vulnerable Children and Families“ , Tallinn ,  June 2022Download the Agenda here and the Call for abstract here.


1.Please see in below table some updates regarding EJTN 2022 Calendar of training activities .

Please note that the web pages of activities are regularly updated and accessible through the searchable database http://www.ejtn.eu/Catalogue/EJTNs-searchable-database/

Activity reference Title + hyperlink Dates Venue Deadline of Application Updates
LI/2022/02 Legal language training in cooperation in cybercrime 30 March- April 2022 Budapest, Hungary 31 January 2022  

Venue change from Budapest, Hungary to Brussels, Belgium


CP/2022/03 Judicial Ethics 16-18 March 2022 Scandicci, Italy 17 January 2022  

Transformed into hybrid


CP/2022/26 Council Regulation (EU) 2019/1111of 25 June 2019on jurisdiction, the recognition and enforcement of decisions in matrimonial matters and the matters of parental responsibility, and on international child abduction TBC Zagreb, Croatia TBC Dates confirmed: 25-26 May 2022


Application deadline confirmed: 4 April 2022

CP/2022/28 Ethics and prevention of corruption TBC Riga, Latvia TBC  

Format confirmed: Online


Date confirmed: 16 June 2022


Application deadline confirmed: 4 April 2022


CP/2022/30 Freezing orders, confiscation orders and property recovery in cross-border cases – Seminar for public prosecutors 6-8 April 2022 Dębe, Poland 7 February New dates: 12-14 October 2022


New application deadline: 12 September 2022

CP/2022/33 Judging with a Gender Perspective – constitutionality in the construction of equality TBC Lisbon,



Format confirmed: Online


Date confirmed: 13 May 2022


Application deadline confirmed: 19 April 2022


Only in Portuguese, no English Interpretation


CP/2022/34 Animal Law 9 March 2022 Lisbon, Portugal 7 February  

Transformed Online


Only in Portuguese, no English Interpretation


CM/2022/147 Meetings on Civil Jurisprudence and Civil Procedure Subject: Legal transaction TBC TBC online or face-to face in Lisbon, Portugal TBC  

Date confirmed: 4 March 2022


Venue confirmed: Noble Hall of the Supreme Court, Lisbon, Portugal


Format confirmed: Hybrid


Application deadline confirmed: 1 March 2022


CM/2022/56 Domestic Violence  

21 April 2022


Setubal, Portugal 7 April 2022 Format (online or face to face): TBC
CM/2022/60 Domestic Violence  

28 April 2022


Leiria, Portugal 14 April 2022 Format (online or face to face): TBC
CM/2022/65 Domestic Violence 5 May 2022 Viseu, Portugal 21 April 2022 Format (online or face to face): TBC

First Webinar series on Victim’s Rights:



29 March Online 20 February New application deadline: 11 March 2022

CR/2022/20-CEPOL/ 03/2022

Investigations-of-facilitated-Illegal-Immigration-cases- TBC TBC TBC  

Dates confirmed: 10-14 October 2022


Venue confirmed: CEPOL Croatia


Application deadline confirmed: 25 July 2022


CR/2022/27-CEPOL/95/2022 Investigating-and-preventing-corruption- TBC TBC TBC  

Dates confirmed: 21-24 June 2022


Venue confirmed: CEPOL Romania


Application deadline confirmed: 26 April 2022




Cross-Border-Drug-Investigations- TBC TBC TBC  

Dates confirmed: 22-25 November 2022


Venue confirmed: Rome, Italy


Application deadline confirmed: 20 September 2022


CR/2022/22-CEPOL/11/22 Financial-Investigation-on-Virtual-Currencies- TBC TBC TBC  

Dates confirmed: 26-30 september 2022


Venue confirmed: Cyprus


Application deadline confirmed: 15 July 2022


TM/2022/02 Initial training trainers – coaching mentoring and tutoring 14-15 March 2022 Ljubljana, Slovenia 7 January 2022 Change of venue: Brussels, Belgium
TM/2022/07 Seminar on Judicial Decision Making 27 June-1 July 2022 German Judicial Academy Trier, Germany 25 April 2022 Change of seminar title: Statistics and Judicial decision making
CP/2022/35 Justgreen  

25-26 April 2022


Paris, France 18 March 2022 New Activity
  1. Please see in the table below the deadlines in March  for submitting lists of applicants for various EJTN activities through the OSP platform :

N.B. Please do not forget to make use of OSP’s  functionality “court staff” in the dropdown menu when uploading candidates falling under this category


1 March 2022 CP/2022/10 EU Law and its application. Its primacy and impact over national regulations. CJEU jurisprudence and its judicial control over EPPO
1 March 2022 LI/2022/04 Legal language training in cooperation in criminal matters
1 March 2022 LI/OCC/1-10 Online Conversation Classes 1 – 10
3 March 2022 LW/2022/04 Lunchtime Webinar: Racial Minorities in Context: EU Law and Jurisprudence
4 March 2022 CP/2022/11 Justice and Media
4 March 2022 TM/2022/05 Ethics, Bias, Assessment of Evidence, Judicial Resilience
5 March 2022 CI/2022/04 Jurisdiction and applicable law in civil and commercial matters: Brussels Ia, Rome I and Rome II
7 March 2022 TH/2022/01 Semi-Final A: EU and European Criminal law
7 March 2022 TH/2022/02 Semi-Final B: EU and European Family law
7 March 2022 TH/2022/03 Semi-Final C: EU and European Civil Procedure
7 March 2022 TH/2022/04 Semi-Final D: Judicial Ethics and professional conduct
10 March 2022 SLI/2022/01 Summer School: Legal language training in cooperation in family law
10 March 2022 AD/2022/05 EU Asylum Law
11 March 2022 CR/2022/17 First Webinar series on Victim’s Rights: Hate-crimes-protecting-citizens-against-racism-homophobia-transphobia-sexism
12 March 2022 HFR/2022/04 Applicability and effect of the EU charter on fundamental rights in national proceedings
14 March 2022 CP/2022/12 International cooperation and mutual recognition of judgements and decisions in the area of confiscation and freezing of assets according Regulation EU 2018/1805 of the European Parliament and of Council of 14 November 2018 on the mutual recognition of freezing and confiscation order
15 March 2022 CR/2022/07 Cybercrime and E-Evidence (introductory)
17 March 2022 CP/2022/13 Legal English. Criminal matters.
17 March 2022 LW/2022/05 Lunchtime webinar: Misuses and False Friends in Legal English
18 March 2022 LI/2022/05 Legal language training in cooperation in civil matters
18 March 2022 CR/2022/06 Economic crimes: asset recovery and Confiscation in the EU in practice: focus on the Regulation 2018/1805 of 14 November 2018
18 March 2022 CP/2022/35 Justgreen
19 March 2022 HFR/2022/05 Rule of Law Training for the Court Staff:
Independence of Judiciary as a Cornerstone of the Rule of Law
28 March 2022 CP/2022/14 Defamation and hate speech
29 March 2022 CP/2022/15 On the Independence of the Judiciary – A European Comparison
31 March 2022 CI/2022/05 Civil liability due to AI


  1. Reminder 1 hour lunchtime webinars in March :

The visuals of the 3 webinars planned to take place in March 2022 are attached to this email.

More information on the content, target group , learning outcomes and OSP link for registration to each of the webinars has been published on our web site  https://www.ejtn.eu/Templates/Public/Pages/NewsItem.aspx?id=7732

A reminder on the upcoming lunchtime webinar is published on our social media channels days prior to the event.

  1. Please see attached Programme of the March International Seminar, part of the EU-funded project RE-JUSTICE: Sustainable Training in a Challenging Field ,that we have announced last month.

For more information please contact directly silvia.randazzo@kuleuven.be  or Monique.anderson@kuleuven.be .

  1. The 3rd JUSTFREE seminar, originally scheduled for 17-18 March 2022, has been postponed to May 12-13, to be held in Brussels at the IGO-IFJ.

You will find attached the save-the-date with the modified provisional program in English and French.

Please see below distribution of participants per project partner and note that there are 15 places available for EJTN participants.

For registration and more information please contact directly our colleague at ENM:

Feras HAMWY, International Department, ENM

Feras.hamwy@justice.fr, +33 (0)1 44 41 99 70

Judges and/or Prosecutors Lawyers

60 Judges or Prosecutors and 15 Lawyers







Tableau 1: Distribution of participants by partners

6.On behalf of the Office of the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Estonia we are pleased to share attached invitation from the Ministry of Justice in Estonia to  the next European ISPCAN Congress „Child Protection for the Most Vulnerable Children and Families“ , that takes place in Tallinn,  on 13-16 June 2022.

’Under the theme of “Child Protection for the Most Vulnerable Children and Families” this congress will be an opportunity for researchers, professionals, judges and prosecutors, students, managers and political leaders from Europe and all over the world to come together to share their research, innovations and thoughts touching upon the difficult realities that children face and explore workable strategies that reflect evidence-based responses and best practice to address these difficulties.


We aim to consider the multifaceted vulnerabilities, such as domestic violence and sexual abuse, institutional care, incarceration or mental health problems of parent(s), alongside those that have arisen more recently as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, such as social isolation and child mental health problems all within the context of supporting children and their closest environments to become resilient beneficiaries of systems of protection in their respective societies. This congress offers a unique opportunity to discuss the work carried out by a wide range of professionals on the measures to better prevent and protect children from maltreatment.


Let us take full advantage of this event to extend our collective reflection in the beautiful Northern European city of Tallinn! Join us and your multi-disciplinary colleagues to share and learn.  We are welcoming abstracts on the themes listed that significantly impact the region as well as child & families globally.


For more information in relation to the event please contact  Ms. Brit Tammiste: brit.tammiste@just.ee, Congress Co-Chair, Ministry of Justice, Criminal Policy Department, phone +372 6 208 179