2021 UN Annual Results Report (Demo)


The United Nations in North Macedonia has launched its 2021 Annual Results Report. It is available online in English, Macedonian and Albanian at https://northmacedonia.un.org/en/182132-united-nations-north-macedonia-2021-annual-results-report .


The report focuses on the results that have been achieved and the lessons learned during 2021, the first year of implementation of the 2021-2025 Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework (SDCF) and  demonstrates the collective engagement of the UN family with the Government and all other partners contributing towards the country’s sustainable development..


Following the priorities identified in the 2021-2025 SDCF, the report records progress in the areas of inclusive prosperity, quality services for all, healthy environment, and good governance.


Among many others, some of the results highlighted in the report are the 6,822 new jobs for young people that were created, more than 500 companies that received advisory and digitalized services, the consolidation of 1,078 hectares of agricultural land, the economic revival, and the return to in-person education. Also, the employment picked up, especially for women, who suffered the most during the pandemic, but less so for youth, which remains of concern.


A total of 24 UN entities worked closely with over 130 partners in North Macedonia and their work is aligned with the country’s national development and strategic priorities, its international human rights and gender equality obligations, as well as commitments towards achieving Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).