German Foundation for International legal cooperation – IRZ

The German Foundation for International Legal Cooperation (IRZ) was established in 1992 as association at the initiative of the Federal Ministry of Justice. As a non-profit organization IRZ assists the states in developing the rule of law and implementing the functional structures of the market economy. In doing so, it constantly develops its strategies and concepts and adapts them to other countries and regions. IRZ works both on behalf of and with funding from the Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection as well as through funds related to projects of the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In addition, IRZ Foundation implements EU projects that are initiated and financed by the European Commission within its policies. Specifically, IRZ implements legal and judicial reform projects that the EU offers within its funding programmes. IRZ experts get involved wherever there is a need for support for a constitutional structure based on the rule of law and democratic principles. In addition, they assist states in establishing a basis for private economic activities protected by a functioning civil legal system and in bringing national legislation closer to EU legislation. Within their bilateral and multilateral projects, they identify the potential of local institutions and design consultation concepts adapted to the specific needs of the respective countries.

Within the framework of the association with IRZ, the Academy realized a series of events, also IRZ on several occasions donated books to enrich the library of the Academy, and study visits were also carried out, during which national judges and public prosecutors had the opportunity to exchange experiences with their colleagues from EU Member States.