EIPA – European institute for public affairs

For more than 40 years EIPA is a leading institution for learning and creating the learning and development programmes for public affairs in EU, and their expertise is build upon unique mix of:

  1. Specially designed learning activities that often include case studies and simultaneous games that facilitate interaction and help apply acquired knowledge at a practical level.
  2. The close connections with European Commission and other institutions allow essential insight into the latest information on EU policies.
  3. The active roles of representatives from members states in the EIPA Board of Governors enable EIPA to offer assistance in adopting best practices and current trends from across Europe.

EIPA serves the national and regional public administration in the member states, as well as in the European Commission itself, but in other EU institutions as well.

The Academy for Judges and Public Prosecutors and EIPA have had a successful cooperation for many years.