2021 EJTN Calendar of training activities : updates and November deadlines for application / Reminder EJTN November lunchtime webinars / EC Webinar on AI/ Questionnaire RE-JUSTICE project/EASO Expert Panel webinar (Demo)

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Please see below communication in relation to the following points :


  1. EJTN 2021 Calendar of activities – updates ;
  1. Deadlines in November for submitting lists of applicants for various EJTN activities ;
  1. Reminder EJTN November 1 hour lunchtime webinars ;
  2. EC invitation to a webinar on the use of Artificial Intelligence in the justice field ;
  3. Questionnaire for the EU-funded project RE-JUSTICE lead by the Katholiek University of Leuven in partnership with EJTN;
  4. EASO Expert Panel webinar The asylum judge in search of European convergence: Protecting what and how?



1.Please see in below table some updates regarding EJTN 2021 Calendar of training activities .


Please note that the web pages of activities are regularly updated and accessible through the searchable database http://www.ejtn.eu/Catalogue/EJTNs-searchable-database/


Activity reference Title + hyperlink Dates Venue Deadline of Application Updates
LI/2021/11 Legal language training in cooperation in cross-border organised crime 29 November-1 December 2021 Brussels, Belgium 5 November 2021 Places are still available for the French language group
CR/2021/23 EJTN-CEPOL Training on Extremism and Radicalisation in Contemporary Europe: including Terrorism Prevention TBC TBC TBC  

Activity cancelled, transformed into a CEPOL e-learning at the CEPOL LEEd online platform.


Not published; not uploaded.


Application deadline TBC.

Open to all judges and prosecutors that can

register in the CEPOL LEEd platform.


CP/2021/29 European criminal cooperation and recent case law 15 November 2021 Online/Hybrid 6 September 2021  

Transformed online for EJTN participants.


CP/2021/30 Corruption: detection, prevention, repression 15-19 November 2021 Paris, France 6 September 2021  

Host institution accepts up to 34 EJTN participants.


CP/2021/31 Legal English. Criminal Matters 16-18 November 2021 Bucharest, Romania 6 September 2021  

Transformed Online.


CP/2021/27 Seminar on personal development 25-26 November 2021 Bucharest, Romania 6 September 2021  



CP/2021/36 Evidence prior to the trial. Comparative Law. Restorative Justice 29 November – 2 December 2021 Madrid, Spain 25 October 2021  

Transformed Online.


Language: only Spanish (no English interpretation)


CI/2021/11 European Account Preservation Order TBC Online TBC  

Webinar Date Confirmed: 16 December 2021


Application Deadline Confirmed: 10 December 2021


CI/2021/13 CIVIL JUSTICE SEMINAR Covid-19 Litigation in Civil Law: a first comparative overview 13 December 2021 Online 10 December 2021 New Webinar
Civil Webinar Lawyering in the Digital Age 1 December Online No deadline for applications  

New Webinar


The one-hour special civil law webinar will touch upon legal tech and artificial intelligence impact on justice and challenges in practice


Open to everyone to attend: Click here to join the meeting


TM/2021/10 How to start distance learning: training methods, tools and design TBC Online TBC Webinar Date Confirmed: 7 December 2021

Application deadline to be announced soon on the activity web page

TM/2021/09 The future of leadership training


9-10 December 2021 Utrecht, The Netherlands 28 October 2021  

New application deadline: 4 November 2021


New target audience: Court leaders, judges, chief prosecutors, head prosecutors, training school leaders, who are responsible for leadership training programmes.


CR/2021/28 EJTN Webinar on Victim’s rights of Terrorist Attacks- CR/2021/28 23 November 2021 EJTN online 20 October  

New Application Deadline:  12 November 2021


CR/2021/15 Victim’s rights in the EU: violence against women and children- CR/2021/15 6- 7 December Bucharest-Romania 8 October  

New Venue:

Brussels, Belgium


Seminar dates remain the same.


CM/2021/134 The language of law 8-10 November 2021 Florence, Italy 10 September 2021 Cancelled
CM/2021/135 Individual and collective protection in the light of art. 47 of the Charter of fundamental rights of European Union 17-18 November 2021 Rome, Italy 18 September 2021  

Transformed Online.


New Application Deadline: 5 November 2021.


CM/2021/144 Justice and the protection of the environment 22-26 November Paris, France 1 November 2021 New Seminar




  1. Please see in the table below the deadlines in November for submitting lists of applicants for various EJTN activities through the OSP platform :


TM/2021/09 4 November 2021 The future of leadership training
LI/2021/11 5 November 2021 Legal language training in cooperation in cross-border organised crime
CR/2021/28 12 November 2021 EJTN Webinar on Victim’s rights of Terrorist Attacks- CR/2021/28




  1. Reminder EJTN lunchtime webinars to be held in November:


  1. a) Portfolio: Civil Law

Topic : ‘Contract law and the impact of Covid-19’

Date/time : 4 November 2021, 13h-14h  Brussels time

Speaker : Roberto Natoli, Professor at the University of Palermo

Moderator : Marisaria Maugeri (IT)

Content outline : The webinar will touch upon the impact of health emergency on the contractual law

.   Target group : Judges, but not exclusively

Learning objectives : Upon the successful completion of this webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the risks posed by the pandemic on contractual relations
  • Find mitigating solutions on how to deal with contracts affected by the pandemic

MS Teams link : Click here to join the meeting

EJTN Contact : Daniel Graur daniel.graur@ejtn.eu




  1. b) Portfolio: Judicial Training Methods

Topic : ‘Confirmation Bias in Criminal Trials’

Date/time : 18 November 2021, 13h-14h Brussels time

Speaker : Moa Lidén, Postdoctoral Researcher at the Department of Security and Crime Science, University College London

Moderator : Mats Persson (SE)

Content outline : The webinar will focus on confirmation bias in the trial phase, while briefly outlining the relevance of the bias also during the investigative phase. It will deal not only with different

manifestations of the bias but also with potential strategies for bias mitigation, so-called debiasing techniques.

.   Target group : Judges and Prosecutors

Learning objectives : Upon the successful completion of this webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Identify how confirmation bias may manifest itself in criminal cases, focusing on criminal trials and judges and prosecutors’ decision making, while also understanding the importance of this bias during criminal investigations (e.g. interviews, criminal investigations, forensic analysis).
  • Draw upon the explanations of confirmation bias found in e.g. cognitive and social psychological research, the webinar also offers potential bias mitigation strategies.

MS Teams link : Click here to join the meeting

    EJTN Contact : Giulia Carpentieri Giulia.Carpentieri@ejtn.eu



  1. Please see below message from EC e-justice team for wider dissemination . We note that ACs dealing with AI topics have been already addressed separately.


‘We are delighted to invite you to the third webinar on AI in the justice field, which will focus on the topic of predictive justice and will take place online on 18 November.


The European Commission has been organising webinars on the use of Artificial Intelligence in the justice field, as a follow-up to its Communication on Digitalisation of justice in the European Union of 2 December 2020.


The first webinar was organised in March and focused on anonymisation and pseudonymisation of judicial decisions, while the second took place in June, and focused on transcription tools (speech-to-text and text-to-speech technologies).

The aim of the webinars is to provide a forum for national public authorities, members of the judiciary, legal practitioners, EU institutions, private sector bodies, NGOs, academics and other stakeholders to exchange knowledge, best practices and lessons learnt in the use of Artificial Intelligence applications in the justice field.


The agenda for the third webinar is attached here. The event will take place via the Webex Events platform. Connection details will be circulated a week before the event.

In addition, the event will also be streamed live. Practical information will be made available here.fthe

We also kindly ask you to disseminate further this information to any other relevant stakeholders in your network, who would be interested in the topic of the webinar.

Should you have any further questions, please contact us at JUST-E-JUSTICE@ec.europa.eu


Looking forward to meeting you at this virtual event!

The Commission e-Justice team’


  1. Questionnaire for the EU-funded project RE-JUSTICE lead by the Katholiek University of Leuven:


EJTN is an associate partner and has committed to contribute to the EU-funded project RE-JUSTICE lead by the Katholiek University of Leuven, which will provide training on restorative justice to judges and prosecutors in Greece, Italy and Spain. As part of this project the researchers are interested to learn more about the needs and experiences of judges and prosecutors regarding blended and online learning.

Consequently, a short questionnaire (it should take less than ten minutes to complete) has been made and we would like to encourage you to take part. The link to the survey is here (you can change the language of the questionnaire on the first screen): https://kuleuven.eu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_3QVhLIDMuRbuyEK.

Your contribution is completely on a discretionary basis.

The survey will be open until November 30th, 2021.

Your participation will ensure that your opinions about how training is delivered to you and members of your profession become known and can be incorporated in future training programmes for judicial professionals such as yourself.

If you have questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact the researcher at Monique.anderson@kuleuven.be



6.EASO’s Expert Panel Webinar The asylum judge in search of European convergence: Protecting what and how?


EASO is organising a High-Level EASO Expert Panel webinar in cooperation with IARMJ, CJEU & ECtHR on the following topic: The asylum judge in search of European convergence: Protecting what and how?.


The High-Level Expert Panel webinar is based on the format of the EASO Expert Panels, a new set of online activities aimed at members of courts and tribunals who wish to deepen their expert knowledge in specific areas of the CEAS covered by the Professional Development Series. The panels facilitate the exchange of views, interpretations, recent national case law, best practices on challenging topics and recent developments in the case law of the CJEU and ECtHR. This session of EASO High-Level Expert Panels is organised by EASO in close cooperation with the IARMJ-Europe.


The webinar will be held online on Thursday 18 November 2021, 14:00-16:30 CET and shall consist of two sessions.


During Session 1, the experts will consider CJEU/ECtHR case law in the field of asylum and fundamental rights, highlighting convergence or divergence, in particular: a) Protection against persecution / serious harm/ill-treatment – are there divergent concepts of effective protection? b) ‘Internal protection’/’internal flight alternative’– different thresholds?


During Session 2, the experts will explore the question of the principles of mutual trust (EU law) and presumption of equivalent protection (ECHR) and whether common criteria for assessing deficiencies in another Member State affecting the fundamental rights of an individual can be identified.


The panel of experts will be composed of judges from the CJEU, the ECtHR and national judges and will be moderated by members of IARMJ-Europe.


Please find attached:

The brochure  of the event

The two background notes  detailing the topics of the two sessions.  BZ_Note_21092021_layout_final and  HS _Note_FINAL_layout



Candidates interested to join should demonstrate being a serving member of a court or tribunal and/or a current judicial trainer, working in the field of international protection and are required to directly register by 29 October 2021 by filing-in the registration form and by submitting their question(s) to be addressed to the panels of experts.