2021 EJTN Calendar of training activities : updates and May deadlines for application / New activity included by ENM in Catalogue of Members activities/ EASO activities- May deadlines for application (Demo)

Please see below communication in relation to the following points :

  1. EJTN 2021 Calendar of activities – updates ;
  2. Deadlines in May for submitting lists of applicants for various EJTN activities ;
  3. New activity included by ENM France in the Catalogue of Members activities ; 
  4. EASO activities – updated calendar of activities and May deadlines for application.

1.Please see in below table some updates regarding EJTN 2021 Calendar of training activities .

Please note that the web pages of activities are regularly updated and accessible through the searchable database http://www.ejtn.eu/Catalogue/EJTNs-searchable-database/


Activity reference Title + hyperlink Dates Venue Deadline of Application Updates
CM/2021/07 Legal English Course 28-30 July 2021 Prague, Czech Republic 15 June 2021 Cancelled
CM/2021/24 Interaction with ‘state deniers’ – ‘Reichsbürger’, ‘self-governors’, civil law proponents and other problematic clients 25-28 May 2021 Wustrau, Germany 6 April 2021 Cancelled
CM/2021/25 Criminal law and Military Disciplinary Law – Interdependence and mutual influence 17-21 May 2021 Wustrau, Germany 29 March 2021 Cancelled
CM/2021/125 Supervision and Provisional Detention Measures 7-9 June 2021 Scandicci, Italy 9 April 2021  

Transformed Online.


New Application deadline: 24 May 2021

CM/2021/126 Algorithms and Predictive Justice 9-11 June 2021 Napoli, Italy 11 April 2021  

Transformed Online.


New Application Deadline: 24 May 2021

CM/2021/127 The Judicial Review of a Rule between the Italian Constitution and the supra-national sources of law 21-23 June 2021 Rome, Italy 23 April 2021 Transformed Online and postponed. Dates TBC
CM/2021/140 Cooperation in protected species trafficking cases 15-18 June 2021 Online 19 May 2021  

New Activity. ( see point 4 of this email)


Application Deadline: 19 May 2021


LI/2021/05 Legal language training in cooperation in civil matters 7-10 June 2021 Online 7 April 2021  

Deadline for Spanish ! prolonged to 14 May 2021


CP/2021/35 Hate and discrimination crimes 13-16 December 2021 Madrid, Spain TBC  

Transformed Online.


Application Deadline Confirmed: 25 October 2021


Activity will take place in Spanish only.


CP/2021/36 Evidence prior to the trial. Comparative law. Restorative Justice 29 November – 2 December 2021 Madrid, Spain TBC  

Transformed Online.


Application deadline confirmed: 4 October 2021.


Activity will take place in Spanish only.


CP/2021/19 Organised crime from an historical, economic and social point of view 30 June – 2 July 2021 Scandicci, Italy 19 April 2021  

Transformed Online.


English Interpretation will be available.


CP/2021/15 Cross-border civil cases 23-25 June 2021 Lublin, Poland 19 April 2021  

Due to the pandemic restrictions KSSiP can host only 5 participants


Activity will take place in Polish only.


CP/2021/13 The social dimensions of the EU 6-11 June 2021 Trier, Germany 9 April 2021  

Transformed to hybrid. EJTN-participants to attend online.


New Dates: 7 June (morning) – 11 June 2021.

CP/2021/12 Legal English. Civil matters 10-12 May 2021 Bucharest, Romania 12 March 2021 Transformed Online
CR/2021/25 EJTN-CEPOL Training on Joint Investigations Teams: Leadership 2-22 November 2021 Lyon, France 22 September 2021 New Dates: 22 – 26 November 2021
CI/2021/12 CIVIL JUSTICE WEBINAR on Smart Contract – Comparative View TBC TBC TBC  

Format Confirmed: Online.


Dates Confirmed: 15 June 2021 (14.00-17.00h CET)


Application Deadline Confirmed: 4 June 2021


TM/2021/04 ‘Ethics, Bias and Evidence’ June 29-30 2021 Online 30 April 2021 New title: ‘Ethics, bias, assessment of evidence, judicial resilience’


Description and Expected Learning Outcomes Amended – see web page


New Activity Coordinator Assigned – see web page


Agenda Available – see web page


TM/2021/06 Crisis Management 13 September 2021 Online TBC Application Deadline Confirmed: 16 July 2021


New Activity Coordinator Assigned – see web page


CR/2021/21 EJTN-CEPOL Training on Investigating and preventing corruption (CR/2021/21-80/2021/CEPOL) 5-9 July 2021 Pisa, Italy 10 May 2021 New Dates:

29 November – 3 December 2021


New Application Deadline: 6 September 2021


CR/2021/24 EJTN-CEPOL Training on Financial Investigations – CR/2021/24-CEPOL/08/2021 31 May-

11 June 2021

ONLINE CEPOL -platform 26 April 2021 New Application Deadline: 6  May  2021
CR/2021/26 EJTN-CEPOL Training on International Asset Recovery (CR/2021/26-CEPOL 11/2021) 13-16 July 2021


Italy, Rome 11 June 2021  

To be transformed online on the same dates (pending confirmation from CEPOL)


AD/2021/06 EU Environmental Law 14-15 October 2021 ERA, Trier, Germany 5 July 2021  

New dates: 28-29 September 2021.


Application deadline and venue remain unchanged.


  1. Please see in the table below the deadlines in May for submitting lists of applicants for various EJTN activities through the OSP platform :
3 May 2021 CP/2021/20 Joint Investigation Teams – cross-border fight against crime with new possibilities an opportunity
3 May 2021 CR/2021/08 The EPPO: investigations and prosecutions to fight crimes against the financial interests of the EU
6 May 2021 CR/2021/24 EJTN-CEPOL Training on Financial Investigations – CR/2021/24-CEPOL/08/2021
7 May 2021 CR/2021/06 Judicial Cooperation in Criminal Matters: Practical Case-Based Simulation on cross-border Environmental crimes
10 May 2021 AD/2021/04 EU Public Procurements
14 May 2021 LI/2021/05 Legal language training in cooperation in civil matters (Deadline for Spanish prolonged)
17 May 2021 CI/2021/05 European Civil Procedure in Family Law matters (basic level)
20 May 2021 CR/2021/07 EJTN – GNS joint training on the impact of refugees in Europe on the investigation and prosecution of core international crimes
24 May 2021 SLI/2021/04 Summer School in linguistics Family Law
24 May 2021 AD/2021/05 Electronic Communication Law

3.Within the framework of the European project “Evidence for Environment – EFE“, the French National School for the Judiciary – ENM, is organizing from 15 to 18 June 2021, in partnership with the Belgian, Italian, Bulgarian and Spanish (Barcelona) judicial training institutes, a seminar on the fight against environmental crime, more specifically on the theme of the “Cooperation in protected species trafficking cases“. ( see attached programme of the event)- EFE – Seminar 2 Programme

This seminar will propose four sequences during the afternoons in order to approach a state of the situation of protected species trafficking and its consequences on the economy, human health and biodiversity, the international treatment of protected species trafficking cases, notably through the use of tools such as the European Investigation Order. Practical cases will allow to approach the concrete aspects of these cases.

The International Department of the ENM, which organizes the seminar, is looking for 10 participants from the European countries of the EJTN  to take part in this seminar.

The attention is drawn to the fact that the level of specialization of the participants shall be medium to high level, the subject matter being highly technical.


Date: from 15 to 18 June 2021

Place: Seminar will be held online, via a distance-learning platform (Voiceboxer)

Participants: magistrates, judges or prosecutors, and specialized assistants

Places: 20 places for partner countries (France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria) and 10 places for members of the EJTN.

Languages: FR/EN/ IT/SP

Application deadline: May 19, 2021

For information and registration, please contact:

Héloïse Verweyen, Project Manager, International Department of the ENM: heloise.verweyen@justice.fr

EJTN Contact : Georgios Klis georgios.klis@ejtn.eu

4.EASO calendar and May deadlines for application for participation:

Please find attached the updated training activities calendar to be implemented by EASO in 2021.

Here below the upcoming deadlines scheduled in May:

Dates of the Training in 2021 Subject of the Professional Development Workshop – Link to register Nomination Deadline for the NCPs Confirmation of Participation by EASO
July 1-2 EXCLUSION FROM INTERNATIONAL PROTECTION Due to some available places: NEW DEADLINE 14 May, 20:00, CET 28 May, 20:00, CET
Sept. 16-17 ASYLUM PROCEDURES 21 May, 20:00, CET 31 May, 20:00, CET

EASO’s support to Members of Courts and Tribunals Professional Development Workshops in English language, 2021

-Registration of nominations for the EASO Professional Development Workshops in English language, 2021 – RESTRICTED TO NCPs