2022 EJTN Calendar of training activities : updates and May deadlines for application / Reminder EJTN Lunchtime webinars in May/ Invitations to various events by ERA, EC, IGO-IFJ, ENM

  1. EJTN 2022 Calendar of activities – updates ;
  1. Deadlines in May for submitting lists of applicants for various EJTN activities ;
  1. Reminder EJTN 1 hour lunchtime webinars to be held in May;
  2. ERA conference on European Patent Law: free participation opened to EJTN;
  3. Invitation from the EC to an online workshop organised by BEUC – the European Consumer Organisation;
  4. IGO-IFJ TRIIAL Training: invitation and agenda;
  5. JUSTFREE project– 3rd seminar – some places still available;
  6. Invitation to an Event on unaccompanied minors organized by The Directorate of Judicial Child Protection (DPJJ) of the  French Ministry of Justice;


1.Please see in below table some updates regarding EJTN 2022 Calendar of training activities .

Please note that the web pages of activities are regularly updated and accessible through the searchable database http://www.ejtn.eu/Catalogue/EJTNs-searchable-database/

Activity reference Title + hyperlink Dates Venue Deadline of Application Updates
CR/2022/27-CEPOL 95/2022 EJTN-CEPOL-Training-on-Investigating-and-preventing-corruption/ 21-24 June 2022 Bucharest, Romania 22 April 2022 New deadline for application:

10 May 2022

CR/2022/08 The EPPO: investigations and prosecutions to fight crimes against the financial interests of the EU 14-15 June 2022 Sofia, Bulgaria 15 April 2022 New Deadline for application:

7 May 2022

TM/2020/06 Challenges on Distance Learning 13-14 June ERA, Trier, Germany 8 April More participants / representatives of Members institutions are welcome to register. Please contact our PM
TM/2020/07 Seminar on Probability, Statistics and Judicial Decision Making 27 June- 1 July Judicial Training Academy Trier, Germany 25 April More participants / representatives of Members institutions are welcome to register. Please contact our PM


The activity changed the name from ‘Statistics and Judicial Decision making’ to ‘Probability, Statistics and Judicial Decision Making’

2.Please see in the table below the deadlines in May  for submitting lists of applicants for various EJTN activities through the OSP platform :

N.B. Please do not forget to make use of OSP’s  functionality “court staff” in the dropdown menu when uploading candidates falling under this category


2 May 2022 LI/2022/06 Legal language training in cooperation in human rights’ EU law
2 May 2022 CR/2022/18 Second Webinar series on Victim’s Rights “The protection of victims of terrorism in the EU in practice”
5 May 2022 CI/2022/06 E-Commerce
7 May 2022 CR/2022/08 The EPPO: investigations and prosecutions to fight crimes against the financial interests of the EU
10 May 2022 SLI/2022/03 Summer School: Legal language training in cooperation in criminal matters
10 May 2022 CR/2022/27-CEPOL 95/2022 EJTN-CEPOL-Training-on-Investigating-and-preventing-corruption/
20 May 2022 SLI/2022/04 Summer School: Legal language training in cooperation in human rights
3 May 2022 LI/OCC/2022/11-20 Online Conversation Classes: English B1 and B2, French B2, Spanish B2, German B2 and Italian B2


  1. Reminder 1 hour lunchtime webinars in May :

The visuals of the 2 webinars planned to take place in May 2022 are: 1. Artificial Narrow Intelligence-Tools and Aspects That Affect Crime Prevention, Prosecution and Punishment – 12 May 2022 – 13h-14h CET (Brussels time) and 2.The judicial protection of health as a fundamental right: a European union law perspective- 26 May 2022- 13h-14h CET (Brussels time) – LINKUVAJ GI PRVITE DVA SLIKI VO NASLOVITE

More information on the content, target group , learning outcomes and OSP link for registration to each of the webinars has been published on our web site  https://www.ejtn.eu/Templates/Public/Pages/NewsItem.aspx?id=7732

A reminder on the upcoming lunchtime webinar is published on our social media channels days prior to the event.

  1. Please see below invitation on behalf of the Academy of European Law ( ERA):

Because of its relevance for judges dealing with intellectual property and competition law , we would like to offer interested judges a free participation in our paid Online Annual Conference on European Patent Law:  Litigation patent strategies and update on the Unified Patent Court

It will take place on 4-6 May 2022 (morning sessions), and cover the following topics:

  • Update on the Unified Patent Court: will the new Court be ready to start at the end of 2022?
  • How to apply patent litigation strategy via factual case scenario?
  • What are realistic legal options for scope of patent protection in times of covid-19?
  • Where are we with the EU project to create an EU title for supplementary protection certificates?
  • Is regulation needed to harmonise laws on FRAND in Europe?

You can find more information about the event here and a detailed programme here

To register, judges are invited to complete this form.

We hope that they will be interested in joining our online conference

  1. Please see below invitation on behalf of the European Commission, DG Justice:

Upon the request and funding of DG Justice, BEUC (the European Consumer Organisation) is organising seminars for judges to raise awareness among them of collective redress in general and in particular of the Representative Actions Directive (EU) 2020/1828.

In setting up these seminars, BEUC took particular care to work with expert judges, in line with the European judicial training principles.

The first of these seminars is advertised below:


Dear Madam/Sir,


You are kindly invited to the following online workshop:



                       Judges & collective redress:

new perspectives and opportunities for judiciary


          Thursday 12 May 2022, 15:00 to 17:30 CEST

       This online event will be held in English and is reserved for judges and members of the judiciary.


                            >>> REGISTER HERE <<<

Judges may play an important role in collective redress actions following mass harm situations. Mass harm situations refer to cases where a number of persons are harmed by the same illegal practices relating to the violation of their rights by one or more traders or other persons. Collective redress actions may seek the cessation of such practices and/or compensation. The fact that such disputes concern large numbers of persons raises specific procedural challenges but also offers opportunities in terms of efficient administration of justice.


In the context of the EU’s Representative Actions Directive, which will come into application in June 2023, judges will be called upon to undertake specific tasks. Depending on the national rules transposing the Directive, they may be required to assess the admissibility and merits of the actions, to ensure that consumers are appropriately represented and informed, to verify that the interests of all represented parties are well-protected, etc. The objective of this workshop is to raise awareness on collective redress and to exchange on the roles of judges in collective redress actions.


During a panel discussion, three judges with recognised expertise in the field of collective redress will share their insight and experience:

Mr. Fabian Reuschle (judge at the Stuttgart Regional court – Landgericht – Germany). Fabian Reuschle actively participated in the adoption of the German Capital Markets Model Case Act (KapMuG) establishing a lead case procedure for the collective handling of capital market-related actions.


Sir Peter Roth (judge at the London High Court & UK Competition Appeal Tribunal). Sir Peter presided over a collective litigation against MasterCard lodged on behalf of 46 million consumers.

Mr. Jeroen Chorus (retired judge, formerly at the Amsterdam Court of Appeal, the Netherlands). Jeroen Chorus was notably in charge of the Dexia and Shell mass settlement with consequences on consumers in multiple European jurisdictions.




15:00-15:05 Welcome


15:05-15:15 Setting the scene: What does collective redress mean for judges? (Stefaan Voet, KU Leuven University)


15:15 – 16:30 Panel discussion with:

  • Judge Roth
  • Judge Chorus
  • Judge Reuschle


(Panel moderated by Maria José Azar-Baud (University of Paris-Saclay, France) & Ianika Tzankova (University of Tilburg, the Netherlands)


16:30-17:15 Questions & Answers session with the audience (moderated by Magdalena Tulibacka, Oxford University, UK/Emory  University – United States and with the participation of the representatives

of the Directorate-General for Justice & Consumers of the European Commission


17:15-17:30 Concluding remarks



This project is funded by the European Union.


Attendance to the event is free but registration is mandatory. The number of registrations is limited. Therefore, please register as soon as possible via the following link.


For questions, please contact us.



  1. Please see attachedagenda of a  TRIIAL  training – Les défis de la confiance mutuelle et de la coopération judiciaire dans le cadre du mandat d’arrêt européen-,  organised by IGO-IFJ.

The event will take place in French and Dutch. For info and registration please contact :

“Oral Umit” <Umit.Oral@igo-ifj.be>

“Carlens Karin” <Karin.Carlens@igo-ifj.be>

  1. We kindly inform you that there are still  8 places available to participate in the JUSTFREE seminar that will be held in Paris from May 12 to 13. Please see attached program in English and French.(Linkuvaj gi PDF JUST FREE edniot e na eng drugiot na fr)

Contact : Feras HAMWYChargé de coopération internationale

Département international , Ecole nationale de la magistrature

Tél :+33 1 44 41 99 70

HAMWY Feras feras.hamwy@justice.fr

  1. The Directorate of Judicial Child Protection (DPJJ) of the  French Ministry of Justice will organize on 21st and 22nd June 2022, an event on unaccompanied minors in Roubaix (Lille, France) at the National School for Judicial Youth Protection (ENPJJ).

The aim of this event is be to present the different evaluation methods put in place across the EU, and to identify if  possible “good practices” by bringing together several disciplines (social work, health, justice) as well as professionals from different backgrounds, academics, associations, representatives of EU Member States and European institutions. The chosen subject will also make it possible to tackle, in a broader way, other questions, such as those related to the assessment of the needs of minors and the mutual recognition of assessments between Member States.

This two day event will be composed of 4 roundtables (in French and English)  each dealing with a specific topic :

Roundtable 1 :  Assessment of minority, isolation and identification

Roundtable 2 : UAM needs assessment

Roundtable 3 : UAM in confit with the law

Roundtable 4 : exchange of information between member states

The DPJJ is at your disposal for any request for information on the presentation of the conference and the roundtables.

If you wish to participate, intervene, or even propose relevant associations, professionals working in the field of the care of the unaccompanied minors do not hesitate to contact : tara.nasrollahi@justice.gouv.fr and  claire-marie.casanova@justice.gouv.fr Just FREE – projet de Programme FR Just FREE – Seminaire 3 ENG IGO-IJ TRIIAL Training